Department of Social Work was started in the year 2016. Department focuses on academic excellence and skill acquisitions of students. Department initiates programme that cater the emerging needs of the various stakeholders in the society.

Department is committed to the pursuit of Social Work campaigns to improve the quality of life of downtrodden. The academic programme as regress so as to enable students with an appropriate attitude and knowledge to effectively address social problems in the world.

Programme outcome

  • Understand the society and social realities
  • Understand evolution, concept, setting and principles of social work.
  • understand method, skills, and techniques relevant to social work practice.
  • Develop personal and professional competencies relevant of different fields of social work.
  • Practice, imbibe and demonstrate skills ad techniques relevant to social work practice.
  • Develop skills for knowledge generation through research oriented data collections case studies field work
  • Understand the preliminaries of different types of counselling and equip with further training to become a successful counselors.

Employment opportunities

  • School Social Worker
  • School Counsellor
  • Mental Health Counsellor
  • Advocacy
  • Researchers
  • Course Worker
  • Family Therapist
  • Child and family social worker
  • Child Welfare Worker
  • Project Manager
  • Community Organizer

Programme Details and Syllabus



List of Faculties

  • Surabhi S Nair
    Head of the Department
    MSW (Medical and Psychiatry), 5 Years Experience
  • Rashmi KS
    Assistant professor
    MSW (MPSW), 3 Years Experience
  • Jain Joseph
    Assistant Professor
    MSW (Clinical & Community) UGC NET, 3 Years Experience
  • Rakhi Chandran
    Assistant Professor
    MSW (MPSW)


  • Rural Camp
  • Field Work
  • Observation Visit
  • Day Celebrations


    Social Work Association of Admirable Aspirants