College is situated about 30 Km east of Kanhangad and Kasragod the two major cities in the district. However, with a view to get smooth access to the pupils Mangement operates 4 Bus services that connects all major towns in the region and also to the major Railway Stations in the district. The Bus Routes operated by the College management are:

Bus service between College Campus and Kanhangad is a daily service that connects- Mavungal, Pullur, Periya, Kallyot, Kanjiradukkam, Thanniyadi, Vavadukkam, Kanjirathingal, Bedakam.

This Bus service connects College Campus with Vidyanagar, Naimarmoola, Cherkala, Thekkil, Poinachy, Kolathur, Kundamkuzhy, Bedakam

Bus service to this hilly region is helpful for the students from Odayamchal, Chullikkara, Kottodi, Malakkallu, Balanthod, Ranipuram and Panathur.

The bus service connecting Bendadka is benefitted to students from Kuttikkol, Paduppu, Eniyadi, Bandadka regions.