The IQAC of the college is constituted as per the norms of the UGC. Committee also holds the power regarding NAAC coordination and also functions to coordinate the process of accreditation, affiliation and other related activities.

The IQAC plans, guides and monitors Quality Assurance (QA) in various academic programmes / activities and Quality Enhancement (QE) activities of the various departments of the College in accordance with the ‘Vision and Mission’ defined by the Institution nd Management.

It conducts/organizes academic and financial audits to promote consistent and programmed action to improve the academic and administrative performance in all sections of the college. The IQAC also organizes programmes/ workshops/ training sessions to facilitate the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive to quality education and faculty development.

The IQAC also oversees the process of documentation of the various programmes/activities of the college in a systematic manner leading to quality improvement. Methods are also adopted whereby optimization and integration of modern mechanisms can be used in the teaching and learning process. The credibility of evaluation procedures is also tested to ensure the satisfaction of the stakeholders.

The IQAC thus is a quality ensuring and testing body that undertakes/ supervises all the measures for value enhancement in the institution.

IQAC Members

Dr. CK Luckose, Principal
Sri. A Vijayan, Head of the PG Department of Commerce (Finance)
Sri. EK Rajesh, Secretary KCES Ltd.
Sri. Ajith Kumar, Registrar PIMS
Sri. Sajith KV, Head of the Department of History
Sri. Prasoon John, Head of the Department of Travel and Tourism