KU-FYUG programme is a Four year Undergraduate Honors Degree programme with
exit option at third year, have three Broad Pathways,
(a) 3-year UG Degree, (b) 4- year UG Degree (Honors), and (c) 4-year UG Degree
(Honors with Research).
 Students who choose to exit after 3 years shall be awarded a UG Degree in their
respective Major Discipline after the successful completion of the required
minimum of Courses of 133 credits (133).
 A four-year UG Honors Degree with Research in the Major Discipline shall be
awarded to those who complete the KU-FYUGP with a specific number of
Courses of 177 credits including 12 credits from a graduate project /dissertation in
their major discipline. Students who aspire to pursue research as a career may opt
for Honours with a research stream in the fourth year.
 A 4-year UG Honors Degree in the Discipline/ Disciplines shall be awarded to
those who complete the KU-FYUGP with a specific number of Courses with 177
credits including an optional graduate project/ dissertation of 8 credits in their
major discipline.
 The recognized research departments/ departments with at least two faculty with
PhD may be permitted to offer the honors with research program
 The number of seats for the Honors with research shall be determined as per the
availability of eligible faculty.
 The selection criteria for Honors with research stream shall be in accordance with
the guidelines of UGC or as approved by Kannur University
 Students who have chosen the honors with research stream shall be mentored by a
faculty with a PhD.
 The mentor shall prescribe suitable advanced-level courses for a minimum of 20
credits to be taken within the institutions along with the papers on research
methodology, research ethics, and research topic-specific courses for a minimum
of 12 credits which may be obtained either within the institution or from other
recognized institutions, including online and blended modes.
 These students who have opted for the honors with research should complete a
research project under the guidance of the mentor and should submit a research
Kannur University-FYUGP Prospectus 2024-25 Page 28
report for evaluation. They need to successfully defend the research project to
obtain 12 credits under a faculty member of the University/College. The research
shall be in the Major/allied discipline.
 The research outcomes of their project work may be published in peer reviewed
journals or presented at conferences or seminars or patented.
 The proposed KU-FYUGP curriculum shall comprise Three Broad Parts:
a) Foundation Components, b) Discipline Specific Pathway components
(Major/Minor), and c) Discipline Specific Capstone Components.
 The Foundation component of the KU-FYUGP shall consist of a set of general
courses and a set of discipline-specific courses.
 General Foundation Courses shall be common for all students and shall be:
. Grouped into 4 major baskets as
Ability Enhancement courses (AEC), Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC), Value
Addition Courses (VAC), and Multi-disciplinary Courses (MDC).
 Discipline-Specific Courses shall include Discipline-Specific Pathway Courses,
both Major and Minor streams, enabling students to gain basic knowledge in the
chosen discipline.

To know more about Kannur University FYUGP – Regulations and Curriculum Framework
– 2024, visit the Kannur university website https://www.kannuruniversity.ac.in/media/documents/uo_fyugp_regulation.pdf