BBA Programmes BCom Programmes BA Programmes
BBA-RTM(2013) BCom B.A Economics
BBA-RTM(2014) BCom(Model and Pattern of Question) for open courses 2015_Amdn B.A Functional English
BBA(2014) BCom(2014 revised scheme) B.A Functional English(Modified-2016 Admission)
BBA(2014)(Modified on 26-12-2016) BCom(Model Question)Practical 2014 Admn B.A Functional English(Modified on 29-11-2016)
BBA(2015)(Revised QP on 24-10-2017) BCom(Revised syllabus Optional B-Computer Application) B.A Malayalam
BBA(TTM) BCom(Revised syllabus on 11-05-2017) B.A Malayalam(2017 Admission)
B.A Malayalam(2015 Admission_Modified on 26_5_2017)
B.A Journalism

BSC Programmes BTTM Programmes
Computer Science BTTM
Computer Science (Modified on 22-02-2017)


MBA Programmes MCom Programmes MA Programmes
M B A (2014) M.Com(previous) M.A Economics (2014 admn)
M B A (2015) M.Com(2014 admn) M.A Applied Economics(2014 admn)
M.Com(2014 admn) - Modified Scheme M.A Development Economics(2014 admn)

MSC Programmes MTTM Programmes
M.Sc Computer Science(2014 admn) MTTM