Achievements in Sports

1 2014-15 Athletics University Second Men
2 2014-15 Boxing University First Women
3 2014-15 Power Lifting University Second Men
4 2014-15 Taekwondo University Second Women
5 2014-15 Wrestling University Second Women
6 2014-15 Kabbadi University Third Men
7 2014-15 Cricket University Second Men
8 2014-15 Football University Second Men
1 2015-16 Athletics University Third Women
2015-16 Athletics University Fourth Men
2 2015-16 Swimming University Second Men
3 2015-16 Boxing University First Men
4 2015-16 Power Lifting University Second Women
5 2015-16 Weight Lifting University Second Women
6 2015-16 Wrestling University Second Women
7 2015-16 Cricket Zonal Second Men
8 2015-16 Kabbadi University Third Men
9 2015-16 Football Zonal Second Men
Women Overall Position - 7th
Men Overall Position - 10th
Overall Position - 6th
1 2016-17 Tug of War University First Men
2 2016-17 Swimming Inter Collegian University Second Women
Third Men
3 2016-17 Cross Country Inter Collegian University First Men
4 2016-17 Football Zonal Runner up Second Men
5 2016-17 Athletics University First Men
Second Women
6 2016-17 Wrestling University Second Women
7 2016-17 Power Lifting University First Women
8 2016-17 Kabbadi University Third Men
Fourth Women
9 2016-17 Judo University Fourth Women
10 2016-17 Soft Ball University First Men
11 2016-17 Cricket University Fourth Women
12 2016-17 Boxing University First Men
13 2016-17 Cross Country All India University Team selection Bivesh(men)
Team selection Shivan(men)
14 2016-17 Tug of War All India University Team selection Men * Women
15 2016-17 Kho Kho Inter University Team selection Sunil Kumar(men)
16 2016-17 Soft Ball Inter University Team selection Maneesh P.G(Men)
17 2016-17 Kabbadi Inter University Team selection Anilkumar P(Men)
Women Overall Position - Second Runners up
Men Overall Position - Runners up
Overall Position - Fourth
1 2017-18 Taekwondo Inter Collegiat University Third Women
2 2017-18 Wrestling Inter Collegiat University Second Women
3 2017-18 Cross Country Inter Collegiat University Second Men
4 2017-18 Swimming Inter Collegiat University First Women
5 2017-18 Kabbadi Inter Collegiat University Third Men
6 2017-18 Athletics Inter Collegiat University Fourth Men
Second Women
7 2017-18 Table Tennis Inter Collegiat University Fourth Men
8 2017-18 Tug of War District Second Men & Women
9 2017-18 Tug of War State First Women
10 2017-18 Kho Kho Inter University Team Selection Veena T(Women)
11 2017-18 Tug of War State Team Team Selection Linto Alex(Men)
12 2017-18 Kabbadi Inter University Team Selection Sharanya E(Women)
Maneesh M(Men)


1 Bivesh H Economics Athletics 5000mtr & 10000mtr Gold University
2 Praveen Narayanan Mcom Athletic 800mtr Silver University
3 George Kutty Economics Walking Bronze University
4 Lithesh BTTM Decca Bronze University
5 Sharanya V Bsc Geography Athletic 800mtr Bronze University
6 Lena N Bcom Finance Walking Bronze University
7 Veena T BA Malayalam Athletics 400mtr Bronze University
400mtr hudle Silver
400mtr relay Silver
8 Jincy N.J MTTM Triple Jump Silver University
Long Jump Silver
4x400mtr Relay Silver
9 Amrutha P BA Eco. Polwatt Gold University
10 Maneesha M Bcom fin. Polwatt Bronze University
4x400mtr relay Silver
11 Athira C BA Mal. Hamex Silver University
Sisc Gold
12 Rijina K BA Mal. Hamex Bronze University


1 Mridhula K BA Eng Swimming 400mtr Free style Gold University
800mtr freestyle Gold
4x100 Individual midlay Gold
4x100mtr Gold
4x200mtr freestyle Gold
2 Shijina B.K BSW 200mtr Butterfly Gold University
4x100 Individual midlay Gold
400mtr freestyle Silver
200mtr Individual midlay Bronze
200mtr breastloke Bronze
3 Mahima V Nair BA Eng. 4x200 freestyle Gold University
100midlayrelay Silver
200mtr Breaststroke Bronze
4 Aswathi K Bsc.Geo. 200mtr freestyle Relay Gold University
400mtr Individual Silver
midlay 100mtr free style relay Bronze
5 Neethu P BA Mal. 100midlayrelay Silver University
100mtr free style relay Bronze
100mtr Breaststroke Bronze
6 Sukanya BA Mal. 800mtr free style Silver University
100mtr free style Bronze
7 Lena Bcom Fin. 100 mtr free style Bronze University
8 Shivaprasad TTM 200 mtr relay Gold University
100 mtr Bronze
9 Vipinraj Bcom CA 4x200 relay Gold University
10 Mdhun V BA Eng. 100 mtr relay Bronze University
11 Ratheesh Kumar BA Eng. 4x100 mtr relay Bronze University
12 Vijaya Kumar B Bcom Fin. 100 mtr relay Bronze University
13 John George BTTM 100 mtr relay Bronze University
14 Bijesh Kumar Bcom CA 200mtr free style Gold University
15 Manohar Joshi Mcom 1500 mtr Bronze University
200 mtr butterfly Bronze
200 mtr relay Gold
100 mtr relay Bronze
16 Jithin Jacob BTTM 100mtr breastroke Silver University
100mtr Relay Bronze
100mtr Realay Bronze

Play Ground

The college provides adequate facilities for sports and games as it is important for the students to remain physically fit. A fulltime physical education instructor is giving training to the students in various items of sports and games.