Computer lab is arranged in such a way that all students in a class can use it at a time. Well equipped 2 rooms are available to the students and staffs from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm in all working days. The institution having 60 PC with broadband connectivity.


1.Students should consider each computers in the lab as their own property.

2.Absolute silence and proper decorum must be maintained in the lab.

3.Furniture available in the lab should be kept intact , neat and tidy.

4.Students will not be allowed to use their footwear inside the lab. It should be kept outside in the place provided.

5.Students will not be permitted to interchange or shift any part of the computer between themselves.

6.Computer lab is meant use only for academic purposes.

7.Students are expected to logout and shout down the computers when they leave the lab.

8.No students will be permitted to download any objectionable materials from Internet, violation of this will result in strict disciplinary action.

9.Any hardware problem should be reported to the lab assistant in time.

10.Every student must have their own accounts and it should not be shared with other students to ensure proper accountability of the use of computers.

11.It is permitted to bring personal work files to the lab on the condition that it should be scanned for viruses before use.

12.Hacking of any kind is strictly prohibited.

13.Spoiling or damaging of lab equipments will be reserved by individual fine /Common fine from the students.

14.Violating lab guidelines will invite serious disciplinary.