• It is requested to avoid announcements during class hours .It should be either before prayer or just before interval bell.
  • Students who are wandering during class hours should be noted and warned.Their ID cards shoul be ceased.
  • As part of NAAC works
  1. All teachers should collect feedback from their students for the preparation of “Self Assessment Report” and take remedies accordingly to improve method of teaching.
  2. All Departments should prepare Department Profile that include complete details regarding the information of all the students starting from the first batch.This should also include details of the achievements of the departments and students(If any)
  • Department s should prepare the list of required books for the library at the earliest.
  • Praveen Kumar P V is in charge of computer Lab .If any deparment has queries regarding lab hours can consult him.
  • Those students who have not cleared tution fee are not permitted to sit in the new semester classes unless they have taken permission from the management.All class tutors should take responsibility.

It is decided to assign charges of various committees and clubs as follows

1. Admission committee -Nodal Officer Sajith K V (Dept of Economics) -All Dept HODs are members.
2.Vigilance and Discipline A Vijayan (HOD Dept of Commerce)
3.Anti Ragging committee Sreelatha T(Dept of Administration)
4.Women cell Nisha A K (Dept of Commerce)
5.Anti Narcotic cell Sajith K V(Dept of Economics)
6.Nature Club Bijumon(Dept of Geography)
7.Career Guidance G Pushpakaran(HOD Dept of Administration)
8.Canteen Committee Lathika M(Dept of Hindi)
9.Website Ramya P(Dept of Computer Science)
10.Face book Paveeshkumar A G(Dept of Travel and Tourism)
11.Tourism Club Unnikrishnan A(Dept of Travel and Tourism)
12. Counseling Prakash T J(dept of Social work)
13.Film Club Anu Sebastian(Dept of English)
14.Gurukulam Sreeja P (Dept of Malayalam)
15.Urava Kala Sahithya Vedi Ramesan K P(Dept of Malayalam)
16.ED Club Rajeshkumar M(Dept of Commerce)
17.Economics club Jomy P J (Dept of Economics)
18.Commerce Club Nithya Nayanar(Dept of Commerce)
19.Cricket Club T Vinodkumar(Physical Education)
20.English Club Sudeep V K(Dept of English)
21.Returning Officer Joby George(HOD, Dept of Travel and Tourism)
22.People Karunya Varsham Suresh C (Department of Administration)
23.Students Welfare in charge Prasoon John(Dept of Travel and Tourism)
24.ID Card in Charge Girishkumar(Librarian)v
25.Examination Shaji K(Dept of Commerce),Ranjith Kumar E(Dept of Administration)
26 .Open Course Sreeraj E V(Dept of Economics),Abhilash P V(Dept of Geography)
27.College Calendar CommitteeJoy.K.Josph(HOD,Dept.of Malayalam)
28. Alumni Association Ranjithkumar.E(Dept of Commerce)