The tourism club, exclusive body for the tourism activity other than the curriculum is sponsored by the DTPC (District Tourism Promotion Council, Kasaragod).The membership for the club is vested to all students of the department. The interested students can also get membership on request. The tourism club mainly focuses on various governmental programs and policies in the context of tourism such as, destination drives, eco practices, awareness programs, cleaning, welcoming guests, volunteering etc.


As per the curriculum prescribed by the Kannur University, the department offers its students to know the actual business activities prevailed in the tourism industry. The activities such as 15 day long National Tour for UG students, 15 day long International Tour for PG students, 30 or 45 day long internship in an IATA authorized travel agency for both UG and PG students and 1 month long on- the-job-training in a five star hotel or resort for UG students will cater the students to meet their capabilities and skills tourism industry directly.