The department of studies in geography was started in the year 2 nd august 2016 at peoples co-operative arts and science college munnad under the university of kannur for undergraduate programme.Geography department,Enumerating the charming field oriented study with more aquaintenance with rocky nature of earth as well as practical knowledge leading to science of earth . Vision:-To arouse general awareness among the students regarding the different environment problems which are of major concern to the better future and survival of mankind. Mission:-To inculcate Love and Respect among the members of the college and thus work with a global perspective. Objectives:-Create awareness about environment and natural resource conservation on earth. Promote interest and knowledge about environment around us. Provide opportunities to acquire attitude ,values and skills needed to protect and improve the natural environment. Increase awareness of the economic,Cultural Scientific and aesthetic values of fauna and flora. Geography department started a Science club named “Oasis”is highly appreciable and many science oriented knowledge of earthly charecters . “Our palnet can be studied from very diverse points of view,hence there are few science that would have such a broad scope…” The immense scale of universe produces a feeling of significance on earthmen, and at the same time all the data received now give evidence on earth…..An unique phenomenon which the confines of solar system…

Regular activities
1. Class room studies
2. Field trips
3. Nature trecks
4. Talks,workshop,study group
5. Organize and participate in different competition
6. Photography
7. Drawing completion-“save our earth”
8. Enviroment quiz
9. Activity-wealth from waste

Abhilash T.K Assistant Professor & HOD MSc Geography
Biju Mon Assistant Professor MSc Geology