People’s co-operative Arts And Science College was established in the year 2005.Our college is one of the pioneering institutes to begin the course in computer science.Department offers both PG and UG programmes.It has well qualified ,experienced and dedicated faculty providing excellent teaching &learning environment.Software laboratories equipped with latest machines with high end configuration working in fully networked environment,using clind server architecture,it provides excellent learning platform to both student and staff alike .Each machine has full access to broadband internet highway and global information banks.

The main objective of the department is to facilitate learning in student of computer science and to impart value based knowledge and encourage the student to be responsible citizen and care for the less fortunate in society.Department provide facility to prepare the student to become efficient software professionals in IT companies.Seminar, Workshop and invited lectures are organized on a regular basis to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. In the year 2008 department organized an exhibition “ABACUS 2008”.This exposed all the peripheral parts of the computer system which gave much awareness about the hardware,apart from software to the student and public. In 2013 department organized a seminar on “software Engineering”handled by an eminent faculty Dr.C Balachandran. Later in 2014 depatment organized an IT Fest “INFOYRA 2014”which incorporated various competitions based on IT such a web designing,IT Quiz.Coding .INFOTRA 2014 enhanced the capability of student of various institution in our district.

The department had organized a one day National seminar on “INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR NEXT GENERATION SYSTEM “ON 08 January 2016.This seminar was intended to familiarize with the recent technologies in computer science.It offered opportunity to study the latest techniques for data processing and its usage.

The seminar included to sessions handled by eminent faculty from various universities .The first session introduced the topic “BIG DATA”.This was handled by Smt Hemalatha N(Asst.professor,Dept of Computer science.AIMIT,St.Aloysius College,Manglore.Manglore university,Karnataka)The second session in about “DATA COMPRESSION”which was handled by Dr.Shijo.M.Joseph(HOD.Department of computer science,MG college Iritty). The department organized a seminar on “Programming with python”on 16 th march 2016.

We are proud to keep in record that seven student from our department were well placed in leading IT companies in India,through campus recruitment programmers.

Some student from the department had great achievements in sports and arts in university,interuniversity and nationalevels.

Bindu K Nair Assistant Professor & HOD MSC
Jyothirmayi.R.N Assistant Professor MCA
Jyothi.V Assistant Professor MSC
Ramya.P Assistant Professor MSC
Manju.E.R Assistant Professor MCA
Praveen Kumar.P.V Assistant Professor MCA
Suchithra.M Assistant Professor MSC