Peoples College, as the name suggests is one of the most reputed colleges in Kasaragod, Kerala. We formed the Alumni association of our college AS ‚ÄúSARGATEERATHONNUKOODI‚ÄĚThe Alumni association was conceived with the help and co-operation of the Principal, and management of the college. The association was formally inaugurated on January, 2014 by Adv.P Raghavan. The inaugural meet was presided over by the principal Mr. Dr.CK Luckose, and some cultural programs were presented by few of the alumni. The former students were more than glad that such an association took birth in their own college. There will be annual meets for the alumni association, So that all the members of the association can meet once in a year and share their innovative ideas and thoughts for the development of the college


I) Life Members: All the past students of the college who pay a sum of Rs.100/- shall be life members of the Association.

II) Associate Members: All the past and present teachers of the college.